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Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you some cool baking hacks. Life in the kitchen can be fun and inspiring. Or messy and stressful. Or both? Lets be honest. Baking isn’t as glorified as it’s made out to be in the magazines and blogs. Especially with kids at your toes.

Here are a few baking tricks and hacks will make your life easier, perhaps cleaner, and oh-so-baking-wonderful.

Soft Cookies

There’s nothing like a moist and chewy cookies. Are we all agreeing on this? There’s nothing (well, almost) more annoying than making that perfect batch of cookies, enjoy the mushiness melt in your mouth. Which is double the fun if it has melty chocolate chips straight out of the oven. But then, wait. 2 days later they just can’t compare. You promise every taster that “fresh they’re so much better!”. The solution?


Pop a bread slice into your cookie jar! The moisture will keep your cookies so fresh, everyone will think you just made them. Sounds funny? Try it! Adding a slice of apple will do the trick as well (though you may get a little of the fruity flavor). Just make sure to switch your apple/bread every few days.

Decorating a Cake

Decorating a cake? You want it to be a show stopper but A) Don’t have time B) Don’t have the proper tools C) Don’t know how to cake decorate? Or all of the above?lace topping cake

Don’t give up just yet! This simple trick will impress everyone. Place a piece of lace on top of your cake. The, sprinkle confectioners sugar on it. Gently lift the last and – Voila! Show Stopper Cake =)


Short on Time?

Or simply no energy to make icing? Don’t worry, we won’t call you lazy =) Try this next time you make cupcakes:

Pop a large marshmallow in the middle of your cupcakes before placing them in the oven. The marshmallow will melt gently on top to create an amazing effect.marshmallow frosting

Easy as a pie!


Avoiding The Mess

If you’re a perfectionist, I’m sure you get this: How frustrating is it to make cupcakes, and each one comes out just a tad sized differently? Don’t you want them to all come out perfect looking in height and size?

even cupcakes

Here’s the solution. I know, why didn’t we think of this before?

Spray your ice cream scooper with cooking spray and use it to scoop batter evenly. Lets not ignore the fact that this saves a lot of mess and batter dripping. Perfect cupcakes AND perfect counter. Seriously, it’s the ultimate win-win =)


Another Clean Trick:

Here’s a new way to keep your kitchen, counters, and lets be honest – walls and clothes clean. You know what happens when you use a hand electric mixer? MESS GALORE. If you’ve done this even once (note:tried mixing cocoa into brownies), you know what I’m talking about. There’s a simple solution in town! Place a paper place above the beaters – you’ll thank me. I promise.



That’s it for today! Like these kitchen tips? Let us know and we’ll post some more!

~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

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