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Hi Everyone,

Loads and loads happening here at Kosher Cakery! As fun cakes hit the shelves and get delivered to happy customers, here behind the scenes we are busy. Or shall I say Busy.

Busy with improving,  Testing new products. Amazing how much goes on behind the scenes and after hours. All in order to make Kosher Cakery awesome. And continue being awesome. And getting YOU great deals.

Back to the present. Israel is majorly gearing up to celebrate her big 68th birthday this Thursday! I don’t know about you, but for me this is so incredible.

3d rendered and waving flag of israel

Being in Israel for Israeli Independence day is amazing. And the way to celebrate? BBQ of course! Everywhere you go you’ll see them. The smell is in the air. The flags are waving from the cars. And the best part? National vacation day for all. Couldn’t be better, right?

The one thing missing? Some Israeli themed cakes and cupcakes. Of course. Because seriously,


YH cc


Loving them already?


YH cake and cc

Take a moment right now and right here and here to order these celebration goodies for your loved ones in Israel! Show your support today!

Coming up next: Best Birthday cake, possibly, EVER.


~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel