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Hi Everyone,

We try to stick to our promises. This week I told you we would be talking about the best birthday cake ever. Now you must be wondering why? And what makes it The Best. And what makes it The Best Ever.? Well, I’m slightly biased over here. But who ever said that matters anyway?

inside the bakery logop copy

Well, you see. This birthday cake was for my grandson. So we had to go all out. Big time. And oh boy did we go all out. Spent a full 15 hours baking, designing, sculpting and building this masterpiece.

Check it out.

jungle cake

The inspiration began with his best bud Giraffe. Unfortunately, he lost his little giraffe some time ago, but it was a good start for the Animal world.

giraffe cake

This past month he took his first visit to the zoo. Which of course inspired the Monkey. And he dressed up as a monkey on Purim. It just felt so perfect.

monkey cake

After that we went for colorful, fun animals.

lion cake

His reaction? LOVED. Obviously he got the first slice of cake. And how did he know?? Ate the icing first!

Like I said. Best. Ever.

Who knew birthday cakes could be so much fun? For a one year old. We did. of course =)


Love from Our Kitchen to Yours!

~A Taste of Home in Israel