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Hi Everyone,

You know how it goes. It’s May and we’re starting to feel sunny cheerful. Those gray wintery days are well behind us. Sun is shining and birds are chirping. But the real summer is still some time away. Especially if you have grand summer plans. Like vacation. Or touring. Or just some time off.


It happens to all of us. Finding ourselves wondering how to make it until then. Not get burnt out by the heat, but let it keep us alive. We feel you. And we’ve been wondering the same thing. With busy Purim and Passover behind us, some down time is always in order. But no way do we want to get stuck in a rut.

And that bring us to some Kosher Cakery fun and excitement. Because we do not like boring. Not at all. Not even for a day. Not our thing, and never will be. Bored? Not us.

We knew it’s time for something new. Refreshing. Exciting. It is time to celebrate with…

(Drumroll please)

Winnie the Pooh!

winne the pooh

Mickey and Minnie!


Don’t you just love them? There’s something so nice about being a child again. Enjoying the small, fun pleasures in life. Like colorful cupcakes. Like a good ice cream. Like treating yourself. We all need that. And that’s why spring/summer was the perfect time for some happy fun cupcakes. You agree, I know.

Some old classics are now available at our store. Now you don’t have any excuses for drowsy sunny days. Because what will cheer you up if not Winnie?

Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel