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Hi Everyone,

We want to start talking about some commonly used baking ingredients. How should we know exactly what to use? Do variations make a difference?

We’ll start with Peanut Butter. Peanut butter brownies anyone? peanut butter filling in just about anything? We get it.


There are so so many options these days. Skippy now as 12 variations! Twelve. Where do we begin? It used to be just creamy and chunky, and natural for those healthy ones out there. Now there are “low-sugar,” “low-sodium,” “trans-fat free,” and “minimally processed” varieties. So where to turn when it comes to baking your favorite cookie or bar?

peanut butter

Essentially all peanut butter is comprised of just peanuts and oil. Then many brands will add in sugars, salt, or extra oils to keep their signature blend smooth and perfectly emulsified and flavorful.

For baking, stick to the creamy peanut butter, made by Skippy or Jiff. It won’t hurt to go for the low sugar, or low fat kind. You do NOT want to use natural peanut butter for baking. Natural is generally thinner, where the peanut butter and oil separate. For sure way healthier, but it won’t work for the creaminess needed in your baking.

What about crunchy? You can generally use crunchy, if you like the extra crunch.

If your recipe specifies what kind of peanut butter to use – you are best off going with that suggestion.



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