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Hi Everyone,

Shavuot is right around the corner, and of course we are fully prepared in the bakery.
inside the bakery logop copyCheesecake galore. It’s the time to splurge (on money and calories). Don’t we just love going all out for those dairy meals, breakfasts, and any other excuse we can find to enjoy as much dairy intake as we wish? Because after all, it IS Shavuot.

But then the hard part comes. What happens when you have a meat meal, and you can’t eat your cheesecake. Cannot. After being sad for a few minutes, you realize it’s time to find a solution and move on.

That solution?

Flower cookies.


Or cupcakes if you wish.


We knew you would run into that problem at some point, so we made sure to come up with a solution. We also know how nice it is to feel loved and cared about. What can be better than receiving a package of flower cookies in the midst of holiday preparation?
Actually, one happy recipient said “I was so confused when the Kosher Cakery delivery man called me to say he has a package for me. I told him I didn’t order anything! He said ‘Right, but somebody has sent you something'”. We love surprising our recipients, especially when it’s so unexpected.

You can order these cookies right here!

-Love from our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel