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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a hot summer here so far. No wonder many of you opt to stay indoors and choose not to brave the heat.  In this crazy heat, we actually have a story that will warm your hearts. Do not worry. Not in a hot-I need-a/c kind of way. In a warm and fuzzy feeling, this-world-is-beautiful kind of way.

inside the bakery logop copy

Grab your lemonade. Or ice coffee. Or homemade ice coffee. And check out this cake.

Chaya wanted to throw her husband a surprise birthday party. Ok. Right off the bat that deserves an Amazing Wife Award. She wanted to make it special and personal.

We were so touched when she contacted Kosher Cakery to be part of this celebration. And the request? Nothing typical. Not golf. Not a burger. Not a book. Not sports.

A motorcycle.

motorcycle cake

I know what you’re thinking? Why is that so special?

That’s a Hatzalah motorcycle. A savings lives motorcycle. That’s actually Yaakov’s motorcycle.

Yaakov volunteers at United Hatzalah for the past 3 years. He is committed to saving lives and helping those in need at any given moment.

motorcycle cake

THIS is what we call special. Selfless. Kind.  And that’s what this cake was all about. Symbolizing his passion and love. And the so-obvious reason why he’s loved and respected for his hard work.

motorcycle cake

We were so excited to be part of this celebration. Not just a birthday, but a meaningful birthday.

And the extra perk? “All of Hatzalah staff was obsessed with the cake” says Chaya. Yay =)

Happy birthday!


~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel