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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while. We suppose it’s time for some good ol’ catching up and bakery news.



Where do we being? Opening a store is quite an undertaking! It’s a constant learning experience.  Not only are we busy racking our creative minds to come up with a new cool cake, but we’re focused on expanding. Collaborating with party planners and caterers. Advertising campaigns. Keeping the storefront stocked and exciting. Healthy muffins? check. Peanut butter topping? check. Black and white cookies? check. And there’s even whipped cream for those of you who prefer the lighter fluff.

There’s lots going on here at the bakery. We want to fill you in. Because YOU make it happen. Without your support there would be no bakery.

We now sell challa!


Come into the store on Friday to purchase delicious challa. And there’s all kinds. Regular, sweet and  whole wheat. Buy some challa and baked goods – and you’re practically all set for Shabbos. We all know dessert comes first.

Keeping up with the heat 


Ice coffee is the new favorite. After all, it needs to be worth it to go out shopping in this heat. So much easier to stay indoors. But if you’re out – ice coffee’s the way to go. With a cupcake. Of course.

Kosher Cakery Teams Up


We’ve got some exciting deals going on for party planners, tour guides and caterers. Kosher Cakery is teaming up with various companies to create the most memorable occasion, personalized simcha possible. The best part? Everyone gains. Want to learn more? Email us here.


Check back with us in a little while to view some new Kosher Cakery photos. We have a photoshoot coming up. And we’re so excited. Filled with cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Candles, streamers and so much more!


That’s a wrap for now!

~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel