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Hi Everyone,

Due to tremendous success (YAY), this has become blog-worthy information.

Kosher Cakery is taking advantage of the summer.  In a good way. Taking advantage of what exactly? Those long days. Filled with summer fun and excitement. Or at least filled a search for fun and excitement. Kids are home.  Parents are looking for creative ways to entertain. Did you know that beach and pool can actually get boring? It amazes me.

Bottom line.  What’s all this chatter about?

Summer decorating fun at Kosher Cakery!!!


This is your chance to shine. Decorate a cake. Get creative.  And YES.  You get to eat your cake too.

We’ve been running several classes.

Father – Son night out.

Mother – Daughter night out.

Children classes.

Couple date night.

It’s been awesome.  And it continues to be awesome.  We love to share the fun with.  See how creative you can be.  And most of all – along the lines of Kosher Cakery’s motto: We love happy people. The smell of buttercream and cake, the incredible bonding that goes on, and those happy eager faces of our young generation.

Want to learn more? or join?

Email us here! Spaces are limited to all classes.  Even if your requested class is already full, you’ll be on the list for the next one.


We’d love to hear from you 🙂

~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel