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Hi Everyone,

Time to let you into the bakery. Ok, virtually. We’ve been so busy with cool new cakes right and left. So figured it’s about time to let you in on what’s going on, and give you a glimpse into the fun that goes on here.

inside the bakery logop copy

First off – quick reminder: Did you enter to win 10% on your next order? So simple. All it involves is a little baking’ love.

As usual, we love creating. But really, it all comes from YOU. That nice person that wants to make a friend/family happy and comes up with an awesomely cool and creative idea that’s then thrown into our hands to create. And as usual – we LOVE it.

Elissa and Katie spent the year studying in Israel. While here, they discovered the well known and loved Burgers Bar. “We literally ate that every night for dinner, especially with it being right around the corner from our seminary.” said Elissa. How cool then, that they decided to go with a Burgers Bar cake for their birthday.

Talk about fun!

This was so much fun to create. Food themed food is always cool since it plays with your mind in funny ways like that.

Kind of like this spaghetti and meatball cake.

spaghetti meatball cake

Back to burgers though. We love feedback, and were so happy when Elissa told us “We really enjoyed the cake! It really was a hit and it tasted so good!”

Thank you all for your fun ideas =)


~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel