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Hi Everyone,

We promised this would be a topic of discussion. We’re taking it to the next step. Which is pretty amazing. And fun. And so real-business-feeling.

This month our baked goods had a photoshoot. And they performed perfectly! Kidding. Our photographer was incredible. We can do lots of talking here. Talk about the sparkles and balloons. Ribbons and sprinkles. Or let the pictures speak for themselves. Way better, no?


Welcome to Kosher Cakery. The home of fun cupcakes. And delicous.


And birthday cakes. With chocolate ganache. Don’t you love how it drips?

birthday cake

And celebration cupcakes.

celebration cupcake


Or a cup of coffee if you’re more sophisticated like that.

coffee and cake


Until next time!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel