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Hi Everyone,

The bakery’s been buzzing lately. Lots of fun summer classes going on.  Didn’t join yet?Let us know if you’d like to join a class! Email us here!

We’ve been very busy expanding our staff. Need more people to handle all the awesome work! Simple enough, no?  It’s a big job searching for employees and finding the perfect fit for the bakery. We’ll keep you posted!

Now, on to today’s topic. We discuss this often, and I believe it’s what we all want to hear. We love driving out to pick up our favorite baked goods, or having them shipped to our home. But what about the times you can’t handle any of that? Or you’re just in the mood for some simple DIY baking tricks? They’re sure to make you most-awesome-mom-ever. And maybe even entertain your kids. Some kitchen fun can’t hurt  a soul. Especially when we’re talking easy and beautiful decorations.

First up: Chocolate Curls

choc curls diy

How gorgeous??

Did you know it’s super simple?

Chocolate curls go everywhere. You’re favorite drink. Top your mousse. Decorate your cake. Fancify your cheese cake. Did I say anywhere and everywhere? YES.


Big Chunk of Chocolate + Vegetable Peeler = Awesome Chocolate Curls.

chocolate curls

You want to use a big chunk, so you can have a good grip on it. Temperature is extremely important here. Too cold will break, too warm will melt in your hands (and will be too soft to peel). Go with good ol’ room temperature. Gently peel the chocolate – into a bowl. From there use as you wish.

Easy as pie. We promised.

Second DIY: Color Your Sprinkles

Want to color your own sprinkles? Maybe the store didn’t have the color you’re looking for. Or you just want to have some fun. That’s by far the best reason.


It’s so simple – you would never guess. And the options are endless. Simply pour white sprinkles into a jar, and sprinkle in some powdered food coloring. Now – shake shake and shake some more until you get the desired shade.

Done! How simple was that?

Enjoy =)

~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel