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Well hello hello.

Where have we been? Oh so busy. We are back, with a bang!

It’s been busy around here at Kosher Cakery. Lots going on on the bakery end, as well as family life (babies and weddings!).  That should explain the break we took from blogging. But no – we did not take any sort of kind of break from baking. Because why would we do such a thing? And why would you take a break from sugar and cake and everything good? No reason.

Here we are. Trying to recap on what you’ve missed and talk about some winter fun.

Summer has been packed with over the top cakes, cold drinks and obviously – holiday fun. craziness. madness all wrapped into bakery goodness.

Lets look back at these beautiful times.

Rosh Hashana.

The Cake.

rosh hashana cake


The Cookies. And Cupcakes.




The Sukkah Cake.

sukkot cake

And the Cookies.



Here we are. On the other side of the chagim.

What’s next?

Chugim! Kosher Cakery is restarting a series of winter chugim and date nights. Mother and daughters! Girls! Fathers and Sons! Date nights! Interested? Shoot us an email here. Specify what kind of group you would like to join and we will add you to our list.

New items!

As the winter clouds come in,  it’s time. Time for some warm, rich, chocolaty desserts. We’re talking hard core. Brownie pie. Not just brownies. Brownie pie. Topped with…you guessed it. Chocolate.

brownie cake

This is every chocolate lovers dream.

Look out for our 3,000th winner! Because…YES. We reached 3,000 orders! More on that next week.

Happy to be back here on this internet corner of Kosher Cakery.


~Love from our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel