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Hi Everyone,

We are back full swing for some more fun.  Inside the bakery kind of fun where we get to talk about our creations. Our challenges. Our inspirations.

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It’s been so busy. With so many new cakes and designs pushing us more and more. Don’t get us wrong – an amazing kind of pushing. Where we let the creativity flow, have ideas come together and let the fun begin.

Today we’re going with a blast from the past.

Last year, Ami turned 1! For this celebration, good family friends surprised him (if we’re being honest – surprised mom =)) with an Elmo cake. We had so much fun creating it.

Here it is.


And the happy guy.


Do you know what’s almost as good as an elmo cake? The box.


We love Ami. Even more than he loves Elmo.

And this year, for birthday number 2, mom requested…you guessed it. Elmo! Elmo will be back in town. And we couldn’t be more excited to remake it.


Look out for more!

~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours

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