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Hi Everyone,

Are you still waiting for wedding cake news? So are we. Since we love quality photos, we decided to wait off on wedding cake talk until we get the real pictures from the wedding. That way we can get the full effect. Until then..

Chanukah! Remember last year? When we were filled with minty snowflakes. No better way to feel winter than that.

When coming up with this year’s theme, some brainstorming brought us to this year’s simple conclusion.  There’s nothing like going back to our roots. Bring out the Menorahs and chocolate! Because that’s what it’s all about.


While looking for inspiration, we found ourselves just that – inspired. No need to look any farther. Those coins we all grew up playing with, the Menorahs we light and the dreidels we spin – what says Chanukah more than that?

And of course, going forth with our Kosher Cakery tradition..we are offering cake, cookies, and cupcakes.  For your big party or own individual needs (anyone sneak a cupcakes at 1am? You’re not alone 🙂 ).



Plenty of Chocolate and Vanilla to go around. You choose your combination- chocolate chocolate, double vanilla, chocolate – vanilla. The two classics can go very far 🙂



And nothing says Chanukah more than these cookies, with wintery blue sparkle and chocolate coins in the middle.

Chanuka in a cookie!


~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel