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Hi Everyone,

It seems to be a running theme here on the blog section of Kosher Cakery. Somehow, chocolate always makes an appeal, in one way or another.

Heart Box of Chocolates

Kosher Cakery prides itself in creating custom made cakes and cupcakes. Take a delicious, moist flavor filled cake, add some rich and smooth buttercream, and top with a design of your choice, without a doubt, you got yourself a masterpiece. That you can eat. It’s a win win.


It’s the perfect gift. The perfect centerpiece for your simcha. The perfect dessert for anytime, anywhere.

With all that said and done, chocolate still holds a very special place in the hearts of many. Good, quality belgian chocolate is incomparable to any other kind of gift. Because like cake, chocolate speaks a language of its’ own.

That’s why, at Kosher Cakery we added chocolates to our Specials menu. Looking for a less costly gift? Need to lift up someone’s spirit? Or send your mom a gift? You’ve reached the right place!

Box of Chocolates

It’s so simple to order. Just click here, and – Enjoy!