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Hi Everyone,

While you were waiting patiently, we weren’t. We were waiting anxiously for those wedding pictures to come in so we can share with you.


Share the fun. The excitement. The incredible dancing. The awe and wonder of a wedding. The beauty. And the beauty of this cake.


There is something so deeply incredible about sharing in a simcha with cake. It feels like the ultimate. Sharing in a way that we love and know best – making beautiful, customized cakes. And giving the young couple and the guests, delicious dessert. It means so much to contribute directly to the wedding by taking our baking and decorating hobby to the next, over the top level.

wedding cake

And that’s how this cake came to be. Filled with lots of late hours, creativity and decorating perfection.

wedding cake

All the tiers were vanilla cake filled with different buttercreams. One layer of mocha, one of cookies and cream and one packed with light strawberry jam buttercream.

wedding flowers

Take it in.


Love from our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel