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Hi Everyone,

This is a fun one. You know, aside from making creations, what we really love it bringing joy to people, and are so honored to do in the way of designing their dream cake.

We knew this cake would create a great post. After we spoke to Dad, we were blown away. The love and compassion he feels towards his daughters is out of this world.

Dad wanted to get the cake thing right. Until now, he said, he never got it right. And don’t we all know that a cake for a 5-year-old princess must be perfect.  Of course, we were so excited to take this upon ourselves. To make Eden feel like the princess she is.

A princess cake must be pink – that was clear from the very beginning. Some sparkle to bring it to life. And a crown. Because a crown would make her feel like royalty. It would be magic, regal, happy and shiny.

We loved making this cake. It was a happy cake to have around the bakery.  Who wouldn’t feel like a million dollars?

And it did indeed.

Do you see that reaction?

“Eden was excited, and smiled ear to ear..because that’s what a perfectly-pink-royal-princess-cake does to people.” said Dad
And it doesn’t stop there. This became a story worth telling. This cake became a topic of conversation. Eden told her friends and teachers about it. Dad told his friends about it.  They posted it, they enjoyed it. they felt the magic, the pink, the glitter, but more than that, they celebrated their very own princess birthday girl.
And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have been part of this experience. That’s what every child deserves – to feel like royalty.
Happy birthday!
~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,
Designing Delicious