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Hi Everyone,

What a fun cake this one was.

Some cakes are over the top, some are intense, and some are like this one – straight to the point. Every part of this cake was made with Sara in mind, highlighting a different part of her life. We took her personality, her achievements, her appearance and brought it all together.

The Beach

The beach had two parts to it. It reflects Sara’s personality, calm, cool and relaxed. And that is beach – calm, cool, stress free. And since the weather has gotten warmer in Israel, Sara has been enjoying the beach a lot. It’s a win win 🙂


Shout out Columbia! She has worked so so hard in high school to get accepted to Columbia, a Columbia shirt was therefore a clean must.


Her hoop earrings and iphone are two things you will always find her with.

That’s a wrap!

Happy Birthday Sara,

~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

Designing Delicous