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Hi Everyone,

What happens when wedding meets birthday? You celebrate the two, right? In this case, though, it was a little different.  You see, M.A. was turning 4.  While his birthday fell out on the day of his Aunt’s wedding, no one forgot him.  Shout out to his grandmother (mother of the bride).

She contacted Kosher Cakery with the most beautiful request. M.A. was turning 4 and he loves vehicles. Especially Thomas the Tank Engine.  Since his birthday will be on the day of her daughter’s wedding, they would like to present him with a birthday cake at the wedding. That’s what family’s made of. Everyone gets their spotlight, in the right time and place and no one is left out. How beautiful?!

One more thing – M.A. can’t eat eggs, so this will need to be a vegan cake. Problem? No problem!

Right away we set out to make the perfect wedding-worthy-4-year-birthday-cake.  What does that mean? It needs to be 100% kid friendly, full of road fun, fun and alive, and – big enough to feed a crowd.

“It was not only the PERFECT cake for our transportation loving grandson it was also one of the best cakes we have even eaten.”

We couldn’t be happier 🙂

~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

Designing Delicious