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Hi Everyone,

Time for some birthday fun. This year, when my grandsons birthday was coming up, I was ready and excited to go all out again. Remember last year?

Being that he was only turning two it was slightly difficult to ask him what he had in mind for his birthday cake. That being the case I turned to his parents. I wanted to make a personalized, amazing cake that he would love and connect to. I received two guidelines:

  1. Vehicles. Because this is the vehicle king. He can differentiate the sound of a truck, bus, car and motorcycle without even seeing them. He loves garbage trucks and watches them oh so very closely from the living room window ( 6am.).
  2. It needs to be small. WHAT? Well, they explained – this birthday party will be celebrated at the private playgroup he attends, with only 7 other children his age. And..not everyone has a Kosher Cakery bakery owner as a grandmother, so I needed to keep within the reasonable standard.

I stretched myself as much as I could within these two guidelines, and they all loved the result! YAY =)

After some brainstorming, we chose this pattern for the base. It’s a very popular children’s play mat.

And all the cars would go around.

Happy birthday!

~ From our Kitchen to Yours

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