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Hi Everyone,

As we continue our family birthday season, this one was for my son. It took some time until he came up with an idea. I was waiting (semi) patiently for some grand inspiration.  I love making Kosher Cakery masterpieces for my children. That’s where it all began – living room birthday parties 20 years ago. And here we are, with a real bakery. Woha!


The decision was finally made – a cool food cake.  There is definitely something unique about a cake that looks like food.  It’s almost like a brainteaser. When it looks so real (our goal) and tastes like..cake!  A few years ago he got this spaghetti and meatball cake.

For his birthday dinner he chose burgers. It was such a great party – burgers were ordered to a local park. That being the case, I set out to make a burger cake. They asked for a small cake because we wouldn’t be a lot of people. Such a hard concept to understand. Birthday cakes should be BIG and FUN. Lets not worry about the leftovers! But the request was small, so we went with a small burger cake.

And of course the fries on the side. We added the slice of cheese, enjoying a cheeseburger cake! 😉

All agreed – it was the perfect dessert for burger night!

~Love from our Kitchen to Yours

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