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Purim is coming, and that means another year of fun mishloach manot!

Each year we spend time thinking about what Shaloch Manos would make people happy. What Purim packages can we send that are different and exciting? Well, this year we have been noticing how ice cream themed cakes are all the rage. They are all over Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook so we thought, hey, let’s make an ice cream themed mishloach manot for Purim. 

One Scoop or Two Scoops  – Our cupcakes have three varieties. Some that reminded us of the soft serve at Carvel with that vanilla and chocolate classic swirl, some have that Sundae look with a delicious chocolate ganache drip, sprinkles and a cherry on top, and some have yummy pieces of cone with sprinkles. The package also includes a box of Skittles. Now, who wouldn’t want to receive that as their Purim shaloch manos?

Of course we realized some people want to send a cake for mishloach manot instead of cupcakes so we went all out and made 2 different designs for you. You can choose our fun filled ice cream themed Shaloch Manos cake or you can send a very classy Purim cake.

Our package called Banana Split has 3 scoops of “ice cream” with our awesome chocolate ganache drip, sprinkles, a cone AND White chocolate bark covered in sprinkles. It’s a truly unique Kosher Cakery cake! The package includes delicious caramel popcorn and Buzz wine (sweet white bubbly).

Maybe you want to send a very classy shaloch manos, something that will stand out and be remembered. The Classy Sundae Purim package – this cake has our amazing chocolate ganache drip on one side with a delicious waffle cone filled with delectable chocolates and out of this world caramel popcorn. Included in this package is an exclusive bottle of dry red wine, a small candy platter, caramel popcorn, and amazing chocolates.

If you are looking for mishloach manot that is different and unique we’ve got it for you! But this year we went a step further to bring you and your loved ones what they want for Purim. Introducing our Yeshiva mishloach manot package which comes in a very cool reusable box with a can of coke, 2 Kosher Cakery cupcakes and yummy nosh perfect for him. Our Sem Girls shaloch manos package is just for her also in a fun reusable box with coke, 2 Kosher Cakery cupcakes and nosh just for her. Lastly we have the Kids Package as an add on for those families with lots of little children each kids mishloach manot add on includes a Purim coloring book and yummy nosh.

We look forward to helping you share Purim with your loved ones even though they are far away!