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Kosher Cakery only uses the highest of quality ingredients.

Kashrut is still our #1 priority.

We take Kashrut very seriously.

Kosher Cakery is under the hashgacha of Rabbi Eliezer Schenkolewski, Rav of Kehilat Nofei Aviv, Beit Shemesh.

All cakes, cupcakes, cookies and frosting are made with Badatz Eida Charedis parve ingredients. Decorations made from fondant are under the OK hechsher from America. The lotus filling is made from lotus spread which is under the Chasam Sofer Bnei Brak hechsher.

If you have any questions regarding our kashrut, or would like a copy of our teuda, please do not hesitate to call us – 054.970.6716 in Israel or 516.732.6114 from the US. You can email us at

Some Kind Words From Our Happy Customers

I ordered cookies and cup cakes for Shaloch Manot for our children in Efrat. It was their first Purim as new Olim and we wanted it to be special and it was! They really appreciated it. I highly recommend Kosher Cakery!!!
Debbie Gold

Miami Beach, FL

Thank you Devorah for the beautiful cakes and cookies you’ve made for both my son’s upsherin and daughter’s birthday. They looked exactly how I pictured them and tasted amazing! Looking forward to ordering more from you in the future!
CB Berkovitz

Beit Shemesh, Israel

The cake is amazing!!!!!!!! It’s gorgeous!!!!!! Wow, I’m in awe and totally grateful. You made her year! Thank you so very very very very much.

Good Shabbos.


Monsey, NY

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