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What People Are Saying

‪Best Birthday Cake ever!

Nikki Haley

You are the best and we appreciate all you do to help us bring smiles to these lonely girls far from home. We don’t know what we would do without you and we are so proud to be your customers now for almost 5 years.
Lots of love!

Our daughter was so surprised and loooved her enchanting Garden Birthday Cake, (thanks for the extra sprinkles around the sides!!!). Not only was the cake GORGEOUS but she and her friends said it was DELICIOUS! She loves frosting and the cake was covered in an array of beautiful, colorful and sweet frosting flowers. She was so happy to celebrate her birthday with one of your special designs!
She also loved the BIRTHDAY in a Box cupcakes! She had so much fun decorating them with her friends using the fondant, frosting, assortment of  sprinkles and chocolate chips!
Thank you for helping to suprise my daughter on her birthday! We couldn’t be there to celebrate with her but your spectacular cake and scrumptious cupcakes made her day!
Pia Katz

I ordered cookies and cup cakes for Shaloch Manot for our children in Efrat. It was their first Purim as new Olim and we wanted it to be special and it was! They really appreciated it. I highly recommend Kosher Cakery!!!
Debbie Gold

Miami Beach, FL

As a person who loves Kosher Cakes, I must say that the name Kosher Cakery says it all!!! The best Cakes and Cookies especially the Menorah and Dreidel cookies and the different pastries for each Holiday! Devorah puts her heart and soul into everything she makes! I highly recommend the Kosher Cakery!!! Welcome to Israel and happy eating!!
Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock

Beit Shemesh, Israel

Devorah has made several custom cakes and cupcakes for my family. Devorah’s cakes are delicious and beautiful and it is a pleasure to work with her.
Fayge Borvick

Beit Shemesh, Israel

West Hempstead’s loss is Israel’s gain. We are sorry to be losing Devorah from West Hempstead, but it’s reassuring to know that we have this wonderful connection in Israel. Devorah just conducted a cake decorating class for our Chabad group, and not only did we all have a great time, but we learned how to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes etc., and then we got to eat these delicious works of art! It’s nice to know that we have someone to contact to send these beautiful goodies to our families in Israel for a variety of occasions.
Joni Nathanson

West Hepstead, NY

Avi just called to thank me. He said they are the only cupcakes that you also want to eat the bottom cuz they’re so moist.
Rochelle Ballabon

West Hepstead, NY

Dear Devorah,
Being able to hand-deliver a birthday party from thousands of miles of away — complete with cake, balloons, and a printout of the .pdf birthday card we emailed you — was a pleasant surprise and a welcome relief for us, and made for a very memorable and unexpectedly “homemade” birthday celebration for our daughter and her friends.
The cake was beautiful (reportedly delicious), and your top-notch professionalism, reliability, responsiveness, flexible delivery, and proactive customer service was the cherry-on-top.
Kol Hakavod, and warm wishes for much continued success.
Elana & Avi Fertig

Woodmere, NY

We just had Devorah do a cake decorating demo at our Chabad Fundraiser. She left us her gorgeous cakes to eat and they were wonderful melt in your mouth masterpieces. Devorah was amazing to watch. She gave practical and easy tips on her delicious creations. The women were extremely excited to get home and practice the adorable creations they had just learned to make. Thanks Devorah for an entertaining and outstanding demo!

Rabbi Lieberman, Chabad of West Hempstead

West Hempstead, NY

Thank you Kosher Cakery. My daughter’s 19th bday was made extra special because of this magnificent cake both visually and in her stomach! She said it was the best parve chocolate cake she’s ever eaten. Every morsel was eaten by the 60 kids/teachers on her program. It was a breeze to order and you accomplished the goal in only a day or two! Kol hakavod.

Karen Rosenthal

The cake was a real hit! She loved it. Best cake in all of Israel!

During the course of this year, we have ordered three special cakes from you. Each one was superb, elegant, and absolutely delicious. The first one was a Bat Mitzvah cake for our granddaughter. The second one was a wedding cake for our eldest granddaughter. It added a special touch to her wedding which due to the Corona situation was held in a courtyard/parking lot in Shoham. The third cake was for Sheva Brachot in Mazkeret Batya. All those that tasted it testified to how delicious, yummy and special they all were. May you continue to produce such flavorful artistic cakes.  Thank you so much.

Esther and Aryeh Frimer

Thank you Devorah for the beautiful cakes and cookies you’ve made for both my son’s upsherin and daughter’s birthday. They looked exactly how I pictured them and tasted amazing! Looking forward to ordering more from you in the future!
CB Berkovitz

Beit Shemesh, Israel

Everything was excellent; including the very nice taxi driver that delivered the cake.  It was beautiful and tasted moist and delicious which was a real treat because it was gluten-free. My sister, in the USA, saw a photograph of the cake and wanted your details, so we are spreading the word.  Thank you so much for making Aya’s first birthday so memorable!

Terry M

I finally spoke to him last night and he told me he really liked it (and he shared with his friends who really liked it too). In his words – your cakes are “amazing”!

Thanks for all your help – I was really glad to be able to have a cake for him even when I was so far away.


Los Angeles, CA

Yummy I spoke to him again and he loved the cake and enjoyed it with his friends. He was very surprised!! Thanks soo much. I heard you added a piano.
Thank you thank you and Shabbat Shalom.
Nava Miller

Houston, TX

Good Morning,
We want to thank you so much for the delicious birthday cake you made for our son, Eli. He said it was terrific and the boys ate every last crumb! It is hard when your children are away, anytime, but especially at holidays and birthdays. Thank you for helping us make his birthday away from home special. We also appreciate how prompt you have been responding to any question.

Wishing you a Freilichen Purim!

Tina and Maury Pressburger

Skokie, IL

They loved the Mishloach Manot! I skyped them so they were able to show it to me. The crowns were gorgeous! My step-mother-in-law loved the gluten free stuff. She was eating it within minutes of getting it and she said she’d love the recipe! Thank you soo much!
Shevi Saidi

West Hempstead, NY

My daughter is still in the hospital and the only thing she wants are your cupcakes!!
Joan Nathanson

West Hempstead, NY

Not only was the Sefer themed cake cool but more important it tasted great!
Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Far Rockaway, NY

Thank you for the beautiful and delicious cakes.  My daughter said they were all amazing.  Best ones so far!!
As a baker who sells I know the hard work and the many hours that goes into each Baked good.
The details and colors on the beach cake were amazing. It looked like a watercolor painting.   Everyone I showed said it resembled a work of art.
One of the toughest challenges is to have a beautiful cake taste as good as it looks and my daughter  (a tough critic) said it achieved both. She’s rarely given that to any other baker.
Deborah Shams

Everything was perfect! I posted on the FB Israel Gap Year Parents page with a link to your website with pics and a glowing report – delivery exactly as promised so the surprise worked, great presentation, and the kids all told Max it was the best bday cake they’d had in years! Thank you again!

Naomi Abramovitz

Thank you for an absolutely delicious cake!!!! We had such a wonderful time and for the first time ever I could also enjoy some of the birthday cake!! No one could even tell it was gluten free ?!!


Not only were all the boys tremendously impressed with the cake and the way it looked, but my son said he never tasted a cake that tasted so good! He is not a fan of birthday cake in general and he said all the boys were asking where it came from because they never tasted it cake so good and the way it looked was incredible! Thank you thank you thank you so much!
Tami S.

To say that Rachie enjoyed it would be an understatement!! It far surpassed my expectations!
She was super, super, super surprised and excited!!! It was the most amazing thing I could have done! The presentation was fabulous and so sophisticated! 
Rachie also commented that while she’s used to beautiful cakes that look amazing but don’t taste so great, this one was as delicious as it looked!! They polished it off over Shabbos!! I wish I could have had a bite! With a lot of family and friends in Eretz Yisrael, I really anticipate using your great services again!!!

Your Artist Cake masterpiece was the most unique, delicious, and tasteful to date (and they have had many of your exquisite creations). My son was blown-away and felt so very special,  Thank you may sound trite, but from to you, I can’t thank you enough.  You are my go-to contact  for my beloved family in Sanhedria Murchevet. 


The cake is amazing!!!!!!!! It’s gorgeous!!!!!! Wow, I’m in awe and totally grateful. You made her year! Thank you so very very very much.


Monsey, NY

We were all floored at the gorgeous, delicious cake you created! It was amazing!!! Thank you!!!

Aliza S.

We were so pleased with cookies that Devorah supplied for our Shul’s Mishloach Manot this year. They exceeded our expectations! They were gorgeous and delicious as well!
Amy Solnica, Fiegenson Shul

Beit Shemesh, Israel

Hi Devorah,
She loved it!!!! At first she didn’t want to cut into it because it was so pretty. When she finally did, she said it was so delicious! She and all her friends were very impressed with the look and the taste of the cake. Thank you for everything.
Chag Kasher V’Sameach!
Joanne Tepler

North Miami Beach, FL

I have had the pleasure of eating Devorah’s cakes and cupcakes for years. They are delicious, original, and made to order. Working with Devorah is easy, she is flexible, prompt, and always delivers on her promises. I trust her implicitly. I have every intention of using her services for my kids in Israel and for my own consumption!
Dodi Lamm

New York, NY

Devorah… He loved the cake! He made a party with the whole yeshiva, 150 kids enjoyed! Thank you so much..he felt awesome!
Happy Purim and thank you!

Brooklyn, NY

We are so impressed — you never disappoint our dear family and for that we are so grateful not only for you delicious desserts but also for the first rate customer service we get from Lakewood, N.J. to our children and grands in Sanhedria Murchevet. We look forword to many more happy celebrations.
Rivkah Feldman

Lakewood, NJ

Kosher Cakery’s cakes and cupcakes always add such simcha to our families chagim and birthdays. They are beautiful to look at and so delicious. Whenever we have guests over they cannot believe how good the cake from Kosher Cakery always tastes. Now that Kosher Cakery has moved to nearby Beit Shemesh we are so lucky that we can easily order from her over and over again. Even better she delivers.
Miriam Schwartz

Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel

Our daughter said “It was delicious and fed the entire student body most faculty and some of the children from the beit hayeled!” The design was superb and being a cake decorator myself I must say that the quality of the cake and decor was outstanding for the price too! Thank you for helping us make our daughters birthday special from thousands of miles away! 
Claire M.

You’re my new best friend!!  You just made my husband’s birthday fantastic!  When someone on Secret Jerusalem said you were an American style baker I was skeptical because many say they offer American services and it’s always a huge disappointment.  The cookie cake was irresistible online because my husband LOVES cookies and he loves the Great American Cookie Company.  It’s been at least 12 years since having one of those cookies from America, so that was even more exciting to see that available here.
It was PERFECT.  The request for the colors were met, the taste was delicious, moist and better than I remember from America.  Thank you for a job well done!!  I have already referred so many of my friends to you.  I can’t wait to order from you again and try your other products!


The Hawaiian cake was beautiful!! The assorted cupcakes were perfect!! It really made my daughters birthday away from home memorable. Thank you! 

Rivka S.

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